The corporate philosophy of the future

We live and work in the environment of BERIAS.ubuntu.
Support and acceptance are core to our business.


A life with meaning and joy

A life with meaning and joy

Every person needs the freedom to develop and to find meaning in his life. The meaning does not necessarily have to be found in the concrete action, it can also be found in the community.

At BERIAS, we believe that things can only move forward together. Together life is more fun, together we are more motivated and together we fill our working life with meaning. And since we spend most of our waking state at work, we take it seriously.

Together we are successful.

Together we are successful.

Every individual success is a success of all. That’s why we celebrate every success together.

We support each other. That’s why we have no hierarchies and no classic superiors. Teamwork is paramount and support can always be found.

Nobody can claim to be able to do everything and to know everything. We thrive on exchange, mutual inspiration and shared know-how.


Yes, not only possibly, but definitely. At our house, everyone shares the entrepreneurial spirit. Every day you develop yourself and the entire team, and you do so with joy. Everyone gets the time to develop themselves. All have the freedom to shape the path of BERIAS. And all support each other.

Where do you start, where do you stop?

Everyone starts with themselves. Our thinking and the language we use is decisive. We are responsible for our own happiness and success. We don’t let anyone else have a say in that. No negative thoughts either. That’s why change starts here. When communicating with yourself.

Everyone takes care of themselves, treats themselves and everyone else with respect and appreciation. We may be dissatisfied with an action, but the person behind the action always remains a fully accepted member of the community.

The group dynamics follow the philosophy.

We support each other with the knowledge that the success of one is the success of the whole group. Whether a colleague feels unwell, faces a seemingly insurmountable task or wants to reorient and train, the team supports and stands behind them to achieve the goal.


At BERIAS, we live by the Ubuntu philosophy and implement it in the corporate context. This increases our enjoyment of our profession, the quality of our work and the benefits for our customers.

The “power of the crowd” describes our collaboration. This is because we work in action teams, which means that customers always get full support, even if they only assign one person from our team.


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