Analysis. Planning. Implementation.

Fast markets and constantly changing challenges require a partner who can keep up. That is why we are here for you. Flexible, broad-based and with new ideas for existing markets.

Holistic view at all levels

Flexible and New

BERIAS is about solutions that fit into today’s world. Well-tried approaches have their justification, but they are not always still suitable for today’s fast-moving times. BERIAS offers you solutions that suit you and are fit for the future. We adapt flexibly to your team, bring in new momentum and new ideas without imposing standardized procedures on you.

Why Strategy?

The most important decisions always take place at the strategic level. The choice of a sensible option together with an initiation of a corresponding sustainable development can only be attained via a strategic perspective. Here we offer all related services such as situation analysis, development of solution scenarios and recommendation of appropriate actions.

For these strategic decisions to have their full effect, they must be accompanied by individualized implementation . This also includes post-merger integration in M&A contexts which we can ideally support through our project management competencies.

Strategy by BERIAS

As a matter of principle, decisions and recommendations do not come from individual persons, but from the entire team, in order to open up the view as much as possible. Because of our company structure, our decisions are made more quickly by the entire team than feedback from individual consultants at other companies.

Competences from different areas of expertise flow together for you to provide the best solutions.

If we should not have an industry expert on site for a specific topic, we can collaborate with several partners with whom we can cover all industries and all levels.


At BERIAS, we live by the Ubuntu philosophy and implement it in the corporate context. This increases our enjoyment of our profession, the quality of our work and the benefits for our customers.

The “power of the crowd” describes our collaboration. This is because we work in action teams, which means that customers always receive full support, even if they only assign one person from our team.


We would like to learn more about you and your plans! Contact us and get to know our team!