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Published: 16. May 2022

Published by: Dr. Patrick Schmid

Time for change

Today, companies find themselves in an ambivalent situation: rarely have there been so many opportunities for the internal development of the company and the opening up of markets and customers due to technological progress. On the other hand, there is pressure to keep pace with changing technology so as not to be displaced. Especially the keywords “Artificial Intelligence”, “Digitalization” and “Machine Learning” have become indispensable in the media, thus repeatedly underlining their importance.

In many industries, areas of application can be identified where “Artificial Intelligence” can deliver significant added value. Banks, insurance companies, energy suppliers and the healthcare industry are just a few. For the successful use of Artificial Intelligence, however, various points must be sufficiently taken into account:

Necessary conditions for AI

  • A sufficient clarification of so-called “buzzwords” should be made so that no misunderstandings occur and current discussions can be followed correctly. It also counteracts false prejudices and fear of contact, as this technological development will become even more important in the future.
  • There must be fundamental preparation for the use of Artificial Intelligence, in terms of both IT infrastructure and data sources. The full power of Artificial Intelligence methods can only be used if the resources are available in a format that can be easily analyzed. In particular, the standardization of data formats and the presence of legacy systems in IT can present difficulties in this regard.
  • Current best practices and success stories should be used to generate ideas. However, it should be noted that generic solution approaches can rarely be transferred one-to-one to every company. The specific requirements must be taken into account.

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Abbreviation for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer”. A product of the “Open AI” initiative in which Elon Musk, among others, was involved. At its core, it is an autoregressive reinforcement machine learning model that has great strength in Natural Language Processing (NLP). (Source:

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Keeping your finger on the pulse with Artificial Intelligence and future-proof your company.

Hurdles in the companies

When attempting to tackle these tasks on their own, companies are confronted with the challenges of having to start from a comparatively low level of digitization as well as having to compensate for a lack of specialist expertise in artificial intelligence. According to a well-known study1, the level of digitization in Germany is still lower than in Europe in some cases, which is associated with expected losses in competitiveness. Also the determined use of Artificial Intelligence with the associated potentials is still treated stepmotherly, because it is a very new and unfamiliar topic.

The next step

Expert workshops with consulting companies specializing in this area are a sensible solution. Moderators can guide you through the unfamiliar topic of Artificial Intelligence or, if you already have some knowledge, you can delve directly into it. The workshops are then used to identify concrete initial ideas for starting changes in suitable areas of operation so that these can be followed up in a targeted manner. As already mentioned, special attention must be paid here to company-specific implementation and adaptation in order to create viable and sustainable solutions.

How BERIAS helps

Not only can we provide the necessary expertise and guidance in this regard, but our flexibility and agility allow us to respond individually and precisely to your company and the associated requirements. This includes both the strategic goal setting and corresponding planning, which is designed in joint coordination, as well as the subsequent realization and implementation. Here, our project management competencies (both classical and agile) as well as our competent partner companies from the IT sector (ScaleITS, We connect AI, Automation 4 All, …) come into play. Above all, as an official partner of the well-known automation company UiPath, we can offer any expertise with respect to application possibilities of automation. And this we can also do in connection with Artificial Intelligence, so that we can make use of its powerful synergy potentials.

1: [ifo study: Germany only average in digitization;]

More understanding through the BERIAS.glossary

Deep Learning

Deep Learning describes machine learning by means of artificial neural networks, which comprise several layers (deep layers). The large number of layers is intended to make even difficult tasks solvable for machines. (Source: “Artificial Intelligence: A modern approach” by S. Russell and P. Norvig)

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This article was written by:

Dr. Patrick Schmid

Strategy Partner

You can find further articles in the BERIAS.newsblog

This article was written by:

Dr Patrick Schmid

Strategy Partner

You can find further articles in the BERIAS.newsblog



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